I'm from Puerto Rico but I live in Florida now with my wonderful husband and my two gorgeous children. I'm a self taught artist in love with all kind of Art. I have work with different mediums and I enjoy the creation of cartoon characters the most. I still have a lot to learn and as you get older it gets harder but I'm not giving up. At least not yet. Hopefully one day I'll will have my own little shop where I can see all of you face to face :)


I change my hair style more than I should :)

I don't sleep at night. My sleeping schedule is 9am to 2pm. Do that makes me a vampire?

I hate the kitchen. My cooking is awful but I can build a bunk bed from scratch.

I don't smoke, drink alcohol or coffee but I'm addicted to caffeine.

When I'm with my kids I listen a bunch of new great songs we hear on the radio but when I'm alone I'm stocked in the 80's.

I try to keep my weight by eating healthy but some times I get chocolate wasted.

Skills Become My Friend